Random Writing

Ideas for play on mental health

  • Have the protagonist being followed by another character (“Ghost”), almost back-to-chest
  • The rest of the characters in the play do not see nor talk to Ghost, but Ghost sees and talks to everyone else.
  • More importantly, when there are specific events, Ghost may reach around and clutch at the protagonist’s neck to symbolise clamming up, or Ghost may grip the protagonist’s forearms to dictate their actions
  • Consider having scenes later on in the play where only Ghost appears on-stage and interacts with the other characters – protagonist is nowhere to be found. Other characters do not acknowledge the change in actor’s appearance (I.e. “Are Ghost and the protagonist one and the same?”)
  • Consider including one scene where protagonist confronts Ghost, but the protagonist is also unable to see Ghost, just like the other the characters. So every time the protagonist turns around to try and address something to Ghost, Ghost can flit away – direct eye contact is never made, and protagonist can wonder who Ghost is, how Ghost looks like etc. Adds to protagonist’s fear of Ghost.
  • What is Ghost’s personality? Is it distinct from the protagonist’s portrayal, or is Ghost simply a sliver of the protagonist’s many sides?
  • What if the protagonist has multiple Ghosts?

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