Random Writing


Believe me when I say

I have your face seared into memory.

Of all I love this expression the most

It conveys

Peace, and some sort of trust

Like the look of acceptance on a crow

before life is wrung from its throat.

And for once, I know you’re telling the truth.

Tell me again about how I’m psychotic and unstable

I love it when you talk dirty to me.

Do you find me revolting?

It’s such a pity because you will always be alluring to me.


you’ve carved yourself so deeply into my skull

you must know that you’re at the forefront of my mind by now;

Interlocking hair with intertwining lives

You’ve bent my back so that I may learn to prowl on all fours.

Lighting my way no longer proves cumbersome.

I’ve gotten used to the weight.

It’s only natural when you bring shadows as conciliatory gifts.

But, my dear

Promise me you won’t be ashamed of your true colours.

Everyone is unique, and you know I’ll love you all the same.

So don’t be afraid

And tell me again

About my bizarreness and self-centredness.

Know that whenever someone peers into these black, beady eyes

They’ll see another pair staring back

with those goldilocks and

fear-frozen features

crystallized to perfection.

You are not alone and

neither am I.

Kingdom Death Nightmare Ram by Sven, as seen on Send The Eighth! blog.




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