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Let me settle down already.

Driftwood. Scorching heat of the sun. Vast, endless sea. I’m bobbing up and down quietly, listening to the waves lap against me. Ships yawn a long, low groan, and I realise that even though they’re dry and hollow, they’re not in want. Probably because they know to keep things casual. They’re listless, but they know… Continue reading Let me settle down already.

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Chapter 1, Part 1: Introduction + Confusion = Introducsion

Titles are a hassle. It’s so difficult trying to come up with something that would adequately encompass whatever I’m going to write. Especially for this post – calling it childhood isn’t exactly right because there are so many things that still define me to this day. Calling it the present seems to suggest that this is… Continue reading Chapter 1, Part 1: Introduction + Confusion = Introducsion